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Burning fuels of hot water boilers

For a long time hot water boiler has been widely known in industry production for generating high temperature hot water, mainly we have coal fired hot water boiler, oil fired hot water boiler, gas fired hot water boiler, biomass fired hot water boiler. Then what are the burning fuels of hot water boilers?

Hot water boiler fuels

Hot water boilers have a very broad burning fuels, which can be generally summarized as solid fuel, gas fuel, liquid fuel, new type fuel, etc. General solid fuels contain bituminous coal, anthracite coal, peat, saw dust, bagasse, rice stalks, corn cobs, wood; gas fuels have natural gas, city gas, coke oven gas, LPG, etc; liquid fuels include light oil, heavy oil, residue oil, diesel, etc. Above are the common fuels for industrial hot water boilers.

Hot water boiler has a good reputation in the market

Hot water boilers sell well in the market, this type boiler has good thermal efficiency, is a worthwhile boiler equipment for the most of users. The operation is easy and convenient, and the maintenance is easy to do. For example, clean the hot water boiler, we have many measures, such as caustic detergent method, mechanical detergent method, acid detergent method, etc. As for other requirement, user can just follow the instruction.

Besides, hot water boiler for sale is very practical and widely applied in many industries, such as hotels, schools, hospitals, buildings, bath centers, etc.


Professional hot water boiler manufacturer

In the boiler market, there are many hot water manufacturers, while when choosing the hot water boiler, we must choose a professional and reliable one. ZG with 69 years designing and manufacturing experience, we have been the professional manufacturer of industrial hot water boilers, supplying excellent boiler, perfect technical support and after-sale service.

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