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Coal requirements for coal fired boilers

For a long time, coal fired boiler has been taking a very important role in industrial production for supplying steam, hot water or generating electricity. Coal fired boiler for sale can adapt to a variety of coal fuels, including Bituminous, Anthracite, Lignite, Lean coal, Coke, etc.

What’s the requirements for coal fired boiler fuel?
For coal fired boiler, the coal fuel can directly impact the burning efficiency and even affect coal boiler life span. Then what’s the requirements for coal fired boiler fuel?

Firstly, the water content in coal fuel should be controlled. Best water content: when the less than 3mm coal dust content in coal fuel is 20%-40%, the recommended water content value is 5%; less than 3mm coal dust content in coal fuel is 80%, the moisture content should be 8%; etc.

Then, moisture volatilization within certain limits does have some influence on coal burning. Coal fired boiler for sale is recommended to use the designed coal fuel or some similar coal fuel. This can make sure the coal boiler combustion stability. The coal quality also has influence on coal boiler burning and normally running.

Finally, we must notice that ash in coal cannot emit heat but absorb heat when burning. Therefore, higher coal ash leads to lower thermal efficiency, and also brings difficulty in coal fuel igniting, reducing temperature in boiler furnace and coal boiler efficiency.

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