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How to deal with the overpressure of oil fired boiler accident

How to deal with the overpressure of oil fired boiler accident

Oil fired boiler overpressure accident refers to in the operation of the boiler , boiler pressure more than the highest licensing work pressure and endanger the safe operation of the boiler accidents.The overpressure accidents often is the direct cause of the oil fired boiler exploded.

1.Oil fired boiler overpressure accident symptoms.when boiler Overpressure, the boiler steam pressure has risen sharply, exceed licensing work pressure, safety valve action FHV pressure alarm action, issued a warning signal of steam flow rate decreases, and the steam temperature, etc.

2. A common cause of overpressure of the boiler are: the failure and steam equipment suddenly stop using steam safety valve failure or imbalance, pressure gauge indication is not accurate, overpressure alarm instrument malfunction due to the defective boiler step-down, when using the relief valve discharge cross-sectional area not recalculate, still using the original safety valve, etc.

3. The overpressure the handling of the accident.When found the boiler overpressure, workers should diminish combustion;If relief valve failure and not automatic exhaust steam, we can open an account manually safety valve exhaust steam, or open the vent valve on the boiler, the boiler step-down gradually;Keep the normal water level, water supply and drainage, decrease the temperature of the pot;Check whether there is any damage on boiler overpressure causes and ontology, and then decided to stop the furnace or restore operation.

The above content is a simple introduction of the way to deal with oil fired boiler overpressure,if you have any question,you can contact us online for answer.

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