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How to easily estimate a coal boiler efficiency

Energy saving is a significant issue that should be taken into consideration by boiler manufacturers. For boiler industry belongs to the heavy machinery industry, whether the boiler is energy saving and boiler efficiency is high will directly affect enterprises’ investment and benefits.


ZG engineers put some simple methods to estimate coal fired boiler efficiency:

To check the coal-fired boiler slag:
Coal-fired boiler thermal efficiency is closely related to the fuel combustion. The much more coal cinders mean the boiler combustion is not full and the calorific value of coal is not fully made use of. This type of coal boiler will not save coal fuel, and cause serious environment pollution.

Temperature near the coal filling mouth:
Approach to the coal filling mouth nearby and perceive the temperature. If the temperature is high, the losing heat is too much, for the heating comes from the burning coal, and thus lower the boiler thermal efficiency.

Exhaust temperature:
Quickly touch the outer wall of boiler pipe, to ensure the exhaust temperature. If you feel it is too hot, the exhaust temperature may be above 200 degree and the heat lose is too much. This kind of coal boiler wastes much heat and is of low thermal efficiency.

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