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How to prevent the hot water boiler scale and dust

How to prevent the hot water boiler scale and dust

When hot water boiler running, the boiler water of heavy carbonate hardness can be heat decomposition, carbonate scale.When added water amount is bigger and for the water hardness is larger, for the scale to produce more.To prevent the furring is to require temporary hardness of make-up water to reduce as far as possible, or after softening;Try to reduce the supply of water, water loss control system;But also to the pot into alkaline reagents, the water of the scale forming loose in alkaline water slag, easy by drainage method.In order to eliminate the impurity of the circulating water, recycle water system before entering the boiler, should be through the dirt separator, prevent dirt from entering the boiler after postpartum secondary scale.

How to prevent hot water boilers dust

To prevent the hot water boiler soot formation.Because of the boiler heating surface at the condensation, ash particles in the flue gas is easy to stick to the water drops on the wall, and gradually form a scale.As frequent start-stop, boiler flue gas temperature changing, the ash shell may be damaged or partial loss, over time, the wall is surrounded by uneven gray shell, a serious impediment to heat transfer.To prevent dust, can adopt the following methods:
1. According to the fuel and furnace type, choose the return water temperature.General requirements not less than 60 degrees return water temperature.If cannot meet this requirement, can will return water through a pipe and valve adjustment, mixed with part of the 'hot water boiler, or through a heater to raise the temperature, and then enter the boiler.
2. The smoke and pan of water flow direction by using equal downstream.
3. Reduce flue gas stagnation zone, and cold water pipe as far as possible not in this area.
4. When the boiler run regularly blowing, blowing out after cleaning in time.
5. Increasing the flue gas flow rate, enhance heat transfer, and flushing.

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