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Industrial steam boiler for sale applications

As we all know, high pressure steam is the key power in many industrial productions. Established in 1945, We are professional boiler manufacturer with A grade boiler manufacture and design license. We have gas & oil fired steam boiler, coal fired steam boiler, biomass fired steam boiler, CFB steam boiler, to meet different industries applications.

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Industrial steam boiler for sale applications

Food industry: industrial bakeries, butcheries, rendering process, manufacturing of processed food, drinks, dairy products

Textile industry: swivelling dryers, dyeing, rolling and weaving

Paper / Printing industry: drying tunnels, printing drying, corrugated card-boards

Cement industry: manufacturing of cement pieces, AAC plant, concrete pipe pile.

Wood industry: plywood and melamine processes

Hospitals, Hotels: laundry, cooking

Automobile industry: metal finishing, electrode-posits

Pharmaceuticals: medicines manufacturing, vaccines, sterile steam

Industrial boiler manufacturers

Industrial boilers for sale in the market are important especial equipment, we have 1 ton -20 ton WNS gas & oil fired boiler and 10 ton -35 ton SZS gas & oil boiler, 2 ton - 10 ton DZL coal fired boiler and biomass fired boiler, 4 ton - 35 ton SZL biomass fired boiler.

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