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Method to choose coal fired hot water boiler

There are many methods to choose coal fired boiler, but most of them may need professional knowledge. Today I will introduce some little tips to help customers tell weather the industial boiler for sale is good easily.

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coal fired boiler for sale

Two “WATCH” help you tell the boiler:

No. 1: Watch its manufacturing materials. Hot water boiler does not need pressure boiler plate for there is no pressure existing. If the hot water boiler is made up of pressure boiler plate, then it is not energy saving. Watch its manufacturing process, straight fire or tempering fire. If it is straight fire manufacturing, then it is not energy efficient boiler.

No. 2: Watch the chimney smoke. If we can see the smoke by ourselves, especial black smoke, that is mostly from coal fuel. Smoke means that boiler is not coal fuel saving, and thermal efficiency is not so high. This kind of coal boiler is not environmental friendly. Watch the coal slag in the boiler furnace, if there are many block slags, the coal fired boiler is not burning fully, the thermal of fuel is not fully used. The boiler is not high efficient and not fuel saving.

To know some boiler knowledge will help you a lot when choosing a boiler. A reliable boiler manufacturer is better, for the products are safe and reliable, and good after-sale service will be provided to help you solve any problem you may meet in the later boiler running.

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