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Natural gas fired boiler in the boiler market

In light of the severe air quality problems, China government put much attention focused on coal-to-gas switch project and more and more enterprises lean on natural gas boiler instead of the coal boiler.

Coal-to-gas switch project in China
In recent years, haze is increasingly serious and happening in many cities. Heavy pollution has forced China to rethink how to reduce the air pollution. Thus, the industrial boiler, which is used to provide heating for industry production (such as textile industry, paper & pulp industry, chemical & pharaceumatical industy, schools, hotels, hospitals, aerospace industy), in the past it usually taking coal as fuel cheap but heavy emission, is gradually replacing by gas boiler with clean energy. And it is said that gas boiler will totally replace coal boiler in large cities in the near future.


Mainstream in boiler market: Natural gas boiler
Natural gas offers a lower-emitting alternative to coal on a larger scale than renewables. Existing coal fired boilers could be converted to run on gas as the gas fired boilers. Natural gas fired boilers emit less pollutants than coal boilers, with so much attention focused on energy saving and environmentally friendly, natural gas boiler will be the mainstream in the boiler market.

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