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Pay attention to gas fired boiler selection

It is very important to choose a proper boiler. Gas fired boiler is clean and efficient that is favored in textile plant, food processing, central heating, hospital, hotel, etc. While enterprises choose a new gas fired boiler, several factors should be paid attention, thus they can choose high quality equipment.

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Pay attention to gas fired boiler selection

1.Heating surface: heating surface is a key parameter when choosing a boiler. Larger heating surface, stronger over-load ability and bigger output. Vice versa. If the boiler capacity is same, the one with bigger heating surface has lower flue gas temperature, and the boiler efficiency is higher for the heat can be fully utilized.

2.Furnace structure: To compare the boiler furnace, we will know weather it can meet burn demand. Industrial gas fired boiler from ZG Boiler is designed to meet clients actual needs, the gas boiler furnace can provide enough combustion space.

3.Boiler body: boiler body can determine gas boiler quality. ZG gas fired boiler for sale adopts wet back, three pass, wholly corrugated furnace structure. The whole plate boundary is butt-jointed seam with the advantage of high reliability and low maintenance cost.

Reliable gas fired boiler manufacturer

To choose a reliable gas boiler manufacturer is also very important. ZG is the preeminent boiler manufacturer, which ever won great reputation from many enterprises. In 2014, we exported one set of 3 ton gas fired boiler to Indonesia.

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