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Safety distance between gas fired boiler room and other building

With the national energy saving concept has been widely accepted, the scope of application of gas boiler increasingly widespread, more and more corporate purchasing boiler, gas boiler room construction.
Because gas boiler is belong to special equipment, gas is flammable and explosive fuel, so when companies need to build gas boiler room, the security considerations should be considered, such as the safe distance between gas boiler room and buildings, other internal security measures, the following is given by ZG which is about gas boiler room construction division:


A safe distance between the gas boiler room and the building:

The clearance between the gas boiler and the building should meet the needs of the operation, maintenance and ancillary facilities furnished and shall meet the following requirements:

gas steam boiler 1 ~ 4t / h, gas hot water boiler 0.7 ~ 2.8MW, not less than 3.0m;
gas steam boiler 6 ~ 20t / h, gas hot water boiler 4.2 ~ 14MW, not less than 4.0m;
gas steam boiler 35 ~ 65t / h, gas hot water boiler 29 ~ 58MW, not less than 5.0m.

Gas boiler room safety measures:

1, Be appropriately sized to provide air passage to ensure proper adjustment of combustion air with the wind and the proper air. In general, there should be two years of air supply channel directly import gas boiler room air outside air exchange.

2, Gas boiler room should not be negative, if you install the automatic combustion air baffle must be implemented interlock with the imported gas boiler burners and close the shutter of a boiler burners will no longer work.

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