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Seven tips on oil fired boiler selection

 Boiler purchase is a kind of investment, in which boiler price and boiler performance are very important, meanwhile the demand for security is also high. Then are there some tips on oil fired boiler selection?

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Oil fired steam & hot water boiler for sale

Seven tips on oil fired boiler selection

1.Price: Not only the oil fired steam boiler cost, also its accessories and operating cost should also considered into the overall boiler price.

2.Brand: A brand mainly relies on the user’s experience, thus a good brand oil boiler supplier is better. But remember, do not be blind to choose the foreign companies, we must consider the after sale service after we choose one boiler.

3.Configuration: when we choose an oil fired boiler, expect for the boiler body, we also have to choose the soft water equipment, safety valve, cylinder, pums, and other accessories.

4.Performance: Different models of oil fired boilers include smoke temperature, thermal efficiency, etc. As for the thermal efficiency, it is the higher, the better, while the exhaust smoke temperature is the lower, the better.

5.Safety: Safety is the most important factor we should consider, for safety is the fundamental production.

6.Energy saving: Energy safety is relative to the boiler cost, and we recommend you choose the high efficiency and energy saving oil fired steam boiler.

7.Speed: The start-up speed will affect our production, if the start-up time is too long, this will wast fuel as well as time.

Oil fired boiler manufacturer in China

As a single source oil fired boiler manufacturer in China, we supply oil fired steam boiler and oil fired hot water boiler in strict accordance with energy saving and environmental friendly concept, welcome to visit www.zgoilfiredboilers.com to get the data and price for oil fired boiler.

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