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Suggestion: When coal - fired boilers replace gas boilers


Coal fired boiler is serious pollute environment, energy consumed in large quantities, so many countries carry out the replacement to gas boiler for action, including to China.

In the process of coal - fired boiler replace of gas boiler, in order to maximize the meet the needs of industrial production, in the process, we need implement relevant standards strictly. As steam boiler and hot water boiler is special equipment, ZG give some suggestions about it.

1, Safety: Safety is the first prerequisite of industrial production. Due to the nature of natural gas, once the fire reaches a certain concentration leak may explode, therefore, gas boiler room in terms of security requirements are higher than coal-fired boiler room. More importantly, personnel management, and related systems development and implementation.
2, fuel: When using fuel gas, so gas supply security is critical. In winter gas relatively scarce, although gas for heating boiler will be guaranteed, but the gas for gas steam boilers will be faced risk of breathe.
3, staff: gas boiler is to belong to a high degree of automation equipment, high risk, once appear problem is more serious, the consequences of so high to operator's service quality requirement, especially automation technology and maintenance personnel need more configuration in place, it will good to gas boiler operation and maintenance.

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