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Why people prefer ethanol fired boiler

Ethanol fired boiler is a kind of boiler burning ethanol fuel to generate steam or hot water for industrial production. It belongs to clean and environmental friendly oil fired boiler and it is favored by boiler users. Then why people prefer ethanol fired boiler?

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ZG Boiler, a famous oil fired boiler manufacturer, gives out the advantages of using ethanol fired boiler.

1. Environmental friendly: ethanol fuel is internationally recognized as a clean fuel, compare to petrol fuel burning, the combustion emissions have significant decrease of harmful substances. Clean ethanol fired boiler is favored by the market.

2. Energy saving: ethanol fired boilers don't need coal ash dumps, this can reduce land use and save on utility bills. This type of oil fired boiler needs less delivery and other auxiliary equipment, costs less.

3. Low investment: ethanol fired boiler room layout is flexible, covers small area and produces less noise, greatly reduce the investment cost of ethanol fired boiler.

Ethanol fired boiler has ethanol fired steam boiler and ethanol fired hot water boiler. Our boilers are equipped with imported fuel burners, automatic control system and multi-protection devices. Welcome to consult online to get the horizontal oil fired boiler price.

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