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boiler maintenance- cleaning the inside of boiler

How to clean the inside of boiler?

Internal cleaning operation of boiler, can use mechanical cleaning method or chemical cleaning method.When the scale thick or hard,use the chemical cleaning method at first, after the mechanical cleaning method.when Using chemical cleaning, workers must be in strict accordance with the operational procedures to prevent wash cause corrosion damages to inner wall of boiler.Therefore, chemical cleaning should be done by professional unit approved by the relevant departments.

Mechanical cleaning is a method of using a hammer or other tools and milling pig to remove scale.Operation should pay attention to the following:

1.Before Cleaning, internal scale of boiler slag, water, and so forth for inspection, and make record, for sure the cold drink cleaning time for reference.
2. Installed on the boiler pipes, such as soda sharing device shall all should be removed out to clean.
3. The safety valve, drain valve, water table, water valve, pressure gauge bend apart cleaning, such as sealing surface should be grinding.
4. The shell and tube outlet of interface, etc., when cleaning should use cloth or metal net to cover,in case of foreign bodies fall into.
5. After the removal of incrustation, workers should not damage the furnace body.
6.Direct fire radiation heating surface, the takeover, braced, Angle it and take it, should pay special attention to cleaning.

Boiler cleaning after the check is a very important work.if ignore the work, may cause the furnace, and increases the risk of accidents, therefore,should be taken seriously.

Inside the boiler inspection content is as follows:

1. Cleaning scales are thoroughly, especially in presence of scale residue under high temperature
2. Check the water gauge, pressure gauge and automatic control of nodes and the takeover of inward and outward, is clean, the presence of blocked by debris.
3. The tools, bolts whether or not have left in the face.
4. Check the plate in the drum, such as separation device installation location is correct.
5. Check the presence of corrosion and damage components.

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