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coal fired boiler regular maintenance

coal fired boiler regular maintenance

How to maintain coal fired boiler ?

In the use of coal fired boiler, the inner surface of the boiler generates water scale, slag, adhered on the surface of the outer combustion products.This will corrosion boiler body, lower thermal efficiency and endanger the safe operation of boiler.For this, must strengthen the boiler maintenance management, work out maintenance plan and put into practice.

In the furnace maintenance, workers should carry on the internal and external comprehensive cleaning of boiler.In order to prevent accident when cleaning, we must pay attention to the following items:

1. The use of safety performance good overalls.
2. The use of lighting circuit and machinery and equipment must conform to the requirements, special attention to the insulation performance.
3. Must be cut off from other connecting pipe, water pipe of the steam boiler.
4. Inside the boiler and flue adequately ventilated take a breath.
5. High homework should be ensure high place, when the ladder bottom should be protected from sliding.
6. Chemical cleaning operations, the hydrogen must be spread in time, and it is strictly prohibited to fireworks.
7. Enter the boiler internal operations, inward and outward due care.

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