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how much natural gas is required to produce 1 ton of steam?

Boilers are generally used to produce steam or hot water.However, the fuel used by the boiler is various, such as coal, natural gas, biomass, light oil, etc.Of course,Different fuels have different operating costs for fuels.Well, as far as natural gas fuels are concerned, how much natural gas is required to produce 1 ton of steam?

how much natural gas is required to produce 1 ton of steam in szs boiler

gas fired boiler used for winery

To produce one ton of steam, You need 666000 kcal. and every one m3 of gas gives 9520 kcal. So, around 69 m3 of gas will produce 1 ton of steam. Of course, this heat generation has a lot to do with the combustion efficiency of the boiler when the fuel and air are sufficient.Also by increasing the temperature of feed water will help to increase the efficiency of the boilers output.

Boiler efficiency is defined as the energy in the steam produced by the boiler divided by the energy supplied from the fuel. The term kilograms of steam is the mass of water converted from the liquid to gas phase. This varies with temperature, but is about 1 kilogram per litre at room temperature.so, Knowing this will help you maintain boilers, optimize steam production, make capacity improvements and lower operating expenses.

ZG's SZS fired boiler achieves up to 96% efficiency in its winery installation test in Indonesia.Therefore, the production of one ton of steam by such an energy-efficient gas-fired boiler can save a lot of gas, which of course reduces the operating cost of gas-fired boilers.In addition to high combustion efficiency, SZS gas fired boilers also have the advantage of small footprint.

szs oil and gas fired boiler in winery

szs gas fired boiler

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