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The cause and prevention of the boiler furnace explosion

In the boiler furnace flame or outward sudden phenomenon called boiler furnace explosion accidents of gas explosion.The accident occurred mainly in pulverized coal furnace and oil and gas burners.Spray fire reason is: the accumulation of the concentration of the fuel and air mixture in the hearth, did not reach the explosion limit range, the spontaneous combustion or, in case of flame combustion flue gas to rule out, make the furnace produces positive pressure, from the fire.

The cause of the explosion : the density of the fuel and air mixed gas in the hearth, reached the explosion limit range, fire and explosion.

The measures to prevent boiler furnace explosion are as following:

1. before ignition burner,must make sure that no oil leakage, no leakage phenomenon, and rear ignition wind 5-10 minutes.
2. The ignition, should first open induced draft fan air supply, after input lit the torch, finally into fuel.An ignition failure needs to be ignited, must give furnace flue draft again before ignition.
3. The normal boiler stop, to stop the supply of fuel, after stop blower fan
4. In the operation of the boiler stop stalling or accident, you must first stop supply of fuel.
5. Install the ignition process control and automatic control fan, fuel supply chain device and automatic fire protection device.

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