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What boilers are needed for heating in the workshop?

What boilers are needed for heating in the workshop,This problem may be confusing for most manufacturers who need boiler heating.There are multiple factors to consider when choosing a heating boiler.Next I will explain how to choose a heating boiler.

oil and gas  boilers are used for heating in the workshop

gas fired boiler applied in heating

For boiler heating, you first need to know the area to be heated, for example, 1500 square meters or 2,000 square meters or more.second what do you plan to use as boiler fuel? Oil ,gas ,biomass,coal or others.

Oil and gas fired boiler use to heating workshop is a best choice.Oil and gas boilers have the advantages of high thermal efficiency, environmental protection, simple and safe operation, and small footprint, making them suitable for heating small and medium-sized factories.Once in India, one of our customers uses a gas boiler for heating such as, 5 t/h Gas Biogas Boiler Manufacturer in India.

chain grate hot water boiler used to heat

biomass fired heating boiler 

Biomass fired boilers have low operating costs, strong environmental performance, and cheap fuel. Suitable for heating in chemical plants, food factories, wood processing plants, food factories, etc., biomass boilers can meet the heating needs of large and medium-sized factories.

Of course, coal-fired boilers can also be used for heating, boilers with different fuels have a variety of boiler models can choose, if you want to learn more please contact us.

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