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Service commitment

1.Any products quality problems manufactured and sold by our company ,our company will execute "Three Contract "service, our sales service three contract team will be in charge of this job.

2.The minute we received products quality information from our customers(by means of call, mail or oral notice),we will dispatch related staff to settle the problem on site at once.

3.After sale service staff must settle related quality problem carefully, considerately, guarantee clients timely use without further worry.

4.At the same time of timely settlement of sold products quality problem, after sale service staff is committed to provide technical consultation, training for clients without extra expense as well as answer other products related problems.

5.All confirmed company products quality problem case; all expenses would belong to our company. For the products quality problem caused by customers(or over quality guarantee period products quality problem)our company will charge accordingly, but not higher than overall expenditure expenses.(or cost fee)

6.Firmly establish the idea the customer is our lord. consider customer's need by all means, handle related quality problem timely and carefully, take honesty and creditability as the first policy to finally reach the full satisfaction of our customer.

7.Establish after sale service hot line: +86-371-86678488

Quality Feedback

In order to further improve products quality, adapt to the development need of modern industry, provide better service for you, we sincerely hope you could take some time to fill in the following table or send to our company the enclosed documents concerning crane performance, safety reliability, durability and appearance.

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