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Carbon Kiln Waste Heat Boiler

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Carbon Kiln Waste Heat Boiler Introduction

Adopt vertical inverted π-type layout, carbon kiln waste heat boiler has two series: double-drum horizontal type and single drum horizontal type, and it has the features of unique structure, advanced performance, national original, and it is a new type of carbon HRSG exclusive developed by ZG Boiler.

Carbon Kiln Waste Heat Boiler Structure

Flue dust furnace slag via a condensate pipe, superheater, convection tubes, steel economizer and then outside. Condensing boiler slag from the front wall of the tube Diarrhea Wall made. Superheater is with suspended horizontal structure and it is divided into a high temperature section and the low temperature section, the use of intermediate temperature reduction arrangement. Convection bank is arranged in a row along. Using two intermediate flue gas baffles baffles to increase the flow rate of the flue gas and the formation of lateral erosion, improve the ability of convection heat transfer tube bundle. Serpentine boiler economizer, horizontal brush from Staggered arrangement. Cooling system in the middle part is Membrane Wall partition, which not only increases the heating surface, but also improves the sealing performance and safety. Front and rear wall Membrane Water Wall also used.

Carbon Kiln Waste Heat Boiler Advantages

Comparing with the traditional carbon kiln waste heat boiler, the carbon kiln waste heat boiler for sale in ZG Boiler has the advantages of small footprint, saving investment; unique structure, superior performance, and it is in the leading domestic level, and it is also made of carbon rotary kiln waste heat boiler in the development of a new milestone.


Model Capacity(t/h) Pressure(MPa) Steam Temperature(℃) Feed water Temperature(℃) Fuel Factory mode
Q9/850-3.0-4.0/450 3 4 450 104 Carbon rotary kiln,Exhaust gas waste heat field assembly
Q15/850-5.0-4.0/450 5 4 450 104 field assembly
Q17.2/850-6.0-2.5/400 6 2.5 400 104 field assembly
Q23/905-10-1.6/260 10 1.6 260 104 field assembly
QC31/1000-11-3.0/450 11 3 450 105 field assembly
Q32/930-12-2.45/400 12 2.45 400 104 field assembly
Q33/1000-13.5-3.82/450 14 3.82 450 104 field assembly
Q35/950-15-1.25/270 15 1.25 270 105 field assembly
Q89/640-20-2.45/400 20 2.45 400 104 field assembly
QC57/1000-22-3.82/450 22 3.82 450 104 field assembly
Q51.4/1125-25-2.45/400 25 2.45 400 105 field assembly
Q69.5/1050-32-3.82/450 32 3.82 450 150 field assembly
QC80/1050-33-3.82/450 33 3.82 450 104 field assembly
QC84/940-35-2.45/400 35 2.45 400 105 field assembly
Q83.2/1000-36-3.82/450 36 3.82 450 105 field assembly
QC93.5/1100-42.4-3.82/450 42 3.82 450 104 field assembly

Note: Here are some of specifications for your reference,and you can consult us for more details.

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