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Coking Waste Heat Boiler

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Coking Waste Heat Boiler Introduction

Coking waste heat boiler is a type of waste heat boiler and it is mainly applied in coking plant. During coking production, coking plant produce large amounts of exhaust gas of 550 ~ 900 ℃. In order to further recovery coking gas, ZG Boiler developed two series natural circulation water tube boiler and they are afterburning and non-afterburning double (single) horizontal type drum natural circulation water tube boiler. The boiler can be traditional horizontal layout and new vertical arrangement. Wherein the vertical arrangement boiler novel structure, advanced performance, and it is a new exclusive patent coking waste heat boiler developed by our company. Supplementary fired boiler with automatic coke oven gas burner, coke oven gas in the waste heat boiler or furnace coke combustion and then mixed with the exhaust gas to produce high temperature flue gas heat exchanger into the boiler rated steam.

Coking Waste Heat Boiler Working Principles

Coking waste gas via condensate residue bundle, superheater, convection tube and pipe economizer and then out of the furnace into the tail of dust desulfurization equipment, and then by the induced draft fan from the chimney into the atmosphere. Condensate residue from the front wall of water wall tube bundles from diarrhea. Superheater suspended horizontal structure, sub-high temperature section and the low temperature section, the middle or the use of surface-type spray desuperheating. Convection bank uses in-line arrangement, in the middle with folded smoke baffle plate several times to increase the gas velocity and form effective lateral erosion, greatly improves the ability of convection heat transfer tube bundle. Economizer economizer serpentine pipe, lateral erosion staggered arrangement. Unique membrane wall boiler flue wall, only only increases the heating surface, but also improves the tightness and safety of the boiler, as well as makes the boiler compact.
The new patent coking waste heat boiler overcomes the past shortcomings horizontal single flue or flue waste heat boiler, the mutual organic combination of the main components of the boiler it will be able to function under the same circumstances, the abolition of the outer drop tube furnace centralized heating surface is arranged to simplify the structure of the furnace, to achieve multi-functional combination of components. Highly efficient heat transfer, two furnace dust from the function, and it also has the features of new compact, low cost, small footprint and high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, and it is in the leading domestic level. The series boiler has won two national patents: ZL200620030036.5 and ZL200820148479.3

Coking Waste Heat Boiler Advantages

High heat transfer coefficient:

Gas and water and steam heat exchangers are in the outer surface of the heat pipe is conducted outside of the tube and the exhaust heat of the fins, which increases the heat transfer area and the heat is strengthened, thus, the heat transfer coefficient has been greatly improved.

Anti-fouling, plugging gray, strong corrosion resistance:

By adjusting the ratio of the heat pipe cold section heated surface, the wall temperature can be adjusted to be higher than the dew point of the flue gas temperature or the maximum corrosion zones, can be effectively prevented because the acid dew point of the flue gas and sulfur corrosion, extending the use of heat exchangers life, to ensure the heat exchange efficiency of the heat exchanger.

System to prevent leakage of water vapor:

At run time, due to the large number of exhaust gas erosion, even if subject to certain tube damage, it will not cause leakage of gas and water to the cold side hot side to ensure the safe operation of the system, which is different from the general apparatus flue equipment the most important feature.

Small resistance loss applicable to old unit transformation:

In general, increasing the waste heat recovery equipment, the hot exhaust gas to increase the resistance at around 1500Pa. Damage to single or multiple heat pipe device does not affect the overall use.


Model Capacity (t/h) Pressure(MPa) Steam Temperature(℃) Feedwater Temperature (℃) Fuel
Q45/850-15-2.45/400 15 2.45 400 104 Coking industry, waste heat
QC170/650-35-3.82/450 35 3.82 450 104
Q90/950-35-3.82/450 35 3.82 450 105
BQ36/650-35-3.82/450 35 3.82 450 104
BQ60/800-35-3.82/450 35 3.82 450 150
Q158.7/700-35-3.82/450 35 3.82 450 104
Q130/850-45-3.82/450 45 3.82 450 142

Note: Here are some of specifications for your reference,and you can consult us for more details.

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