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Float Glass Kiln Waste Heat Boiler

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The float glass kiln waste heat boiler is a type of waste heat boiler which is mainly applied in glass industry. Glass industry is energy guzzler, and the existing level of the float glass process in our country is with international standards, however, in the average energy consumption of glass production about 20% higher than abroad. Float glass furnace flue gas waste heat power generation system can be further improved heat utilization rate of 70% or more, fully recover waste heat. By providing efficient vertical water tube waste heat boiler to produce superheated steam, while the flue gas temperature down to 160 degrees emissions. Superheated steam through the turbine to generate electricity.
ZG Boiler has invented 400 ~ 900t / d glass furnace supporting vertical inverted "U" shaped heat recovery boiler applied in glass industry, which is to overcome the traditional shortcomings of heat pipe waste heat boiler in the structure and operation, and it has the characteristics of long life, easy maintenance, economic security and reliable, and it is fully applicable to the use of heavy oil or natural gas fuel float glass furnace production line. The industry imports HRSG flue gas temperature is generally 400 to 500 degrees, low ash melting point (about 1g / Nm3), adhesion large waste heat boiler for the industry is mainly to solve the problem of soot blowing. 


Model Capacity(t/h) Pressure(MPa) Steam Temperature(℃) Feed water Temperature(℃) Fuel Factory mode
Q10/450-1.3-1.25 1.3 1.25 194 20 float glass, Furnace flue,waste heat  Shop-Assembly
QC10/412-1.3-1.45/320 1.3 1.45 320 104 field assembly
QC45/372-4.7-1.35/310 4.7 1.35 310 104 field assembly
Q120/530-8.6-0.8 8.6 0.8 175 104 field assembly
Q88.5/440-10.3-2.3/410 10.3 2.3 410 133 field assembly
Q96/480-13.2-2.3/430 13.2 2.3 430 150 field assembly
Q100/510-14-2.6/420 14 2.6 420 104 field assembly
Q90/500-14-0.7 14 0.7 170 20 field assembly
Q108/500-15-0.7 15 0.7 170.4 20 field assembly
Q110/510-16.4-2.4/430 16.4 2.4 430 138.7 field assembly
Q135/510-19.8-2.4/430 19.8 2.4 430 138.7 field assembly
Q145/510-21.2-2.6/430 21.2 2.6 430 138.7 field assembly
Q170/500-24.7-2.7/430 24.7 2.7 430 138.7 field assembly
Q200/510-29.5-2.7/430 29.5 2.7 430 138.7 field assembly

Note: Here are some of specifications for your reference,and you can consult us for more details.

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