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Hazardous Waste Heat Boiler

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Hazardous Waste Heat Boiler Introduction

Hazardous waste heat recovery system in ZG Boiler is a type of waste heat boiler which is a hazardous waste, medical waste and other refuse incineration equipment match, and use waste incineration flue gas heat generated by equipment exports ratings steam waste heat boiler. After absorbing advantages of similar foreign boiler, our company research and development applicable to the sector, patented waste heat boiler for domestic initiative, a unique structure, economic performance in the domestic leading position, access to national patents: ZL200720089181.5.
Hazardous waste heat boilers, medical waste heat boiler developed by ZG Boiler main has water pipe type and smoke tube type two categories, and hazardous waste, medical waste and other refuse incineration equipment match, and the use of waste incineration flue gas heat generating equipment export Ratings steam, according to the characteristics of the waste disposal process, waste heat boiler to prevent harmful substances from dioxins have generated an extremely important role, at the same time the flue gas waste heat boilers for garbage incineration has a good adaptability.

Hazardous Waste Heat Boiler Advantages

Full Membrane Water Wall Structure:

High heat transfer efficiency, good sealing performance, and solve the problems of leakage large, high heat loss, higher energy consumption and other shortcomings of traditional boiler .

Automatic Shock Sootblowers:

Patented technical support, and it reduces the fly ash pollution on the boiler heating surface, so that the maximum extension of the life of the boiler, ensure that the boiler efficiency, to solve the traditional boiler or steam cleaning by soot blowing earthquake hit could easily lead to damage to the pressure member, wear and other shortcomings.

Inertial Separation Principle:

Boiler furnace two inertial separation principle to achieve gas-solid separation, to solve the problems of ash alone natural sedimentation, dust inefficient, polluting and other shortcomings of traditional boiler .

Closed Ash Device:

The lower part of the boiler ash hopper using closed ash means to achieve automatic closing and cleaning the flue gas side, to solve the traditional boiler cleaning by low labor efficiency, labor-intensive and other shortcomings.


Model Capacity(t/h) Pressure(MPa) Steam Temperature(℃) Feed water Temperature(℃) Fuel Factory mode
QC8.4/1137-3-1.27 3 1.27 194 104 Hazardous and Medical Waste, Exhaust gas waste heat field assembly
Q17/1050-4.7-2.0/350 4.7 2 350 105 field assembly
QC19/850-5-1.0/300 5 1 300 20 field assembly
QC19/850-6-1.0 6 1 184 20 field assembly
QC20.4/1130-7-1.6 7.5 1.6 204.3 104 field assembly
Q23.6/1100-7.9-2.4/350 7.9 2.4 350 104 field assembly
Q14/1100-8-1.25 8 1.25 194 104 field assembly
QC20.4/1130-8-1.25 8.6 1.25 194 104 field assembly

Note: Here are some of specifications for your reference,and you can consult us for more details.

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