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Sinter Cooler Waste Heat Boiler

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Sinter Cooler Waste Heat Boiler Introduction

In the steel production process, the sintering process energy consumption accounts for about 10% of total energy consumption, second only to ironmaking. The total energy consumption in the sintering process, there are nearly 50% of the heat to sinter flue gas and cooler exhaust gases into the atmosphere in the form of sensible heat. Sinter cooler waste heat recovery, low-grade waste heat energy is recovered, combined with low temperature waste heat power generation technology, waste heat boilers with superheated steam to drive a low drop bellows ore sintering flue gas and waste heat boiler heating cooler section closed by recovering sintering machine tail parameter acting turbogenerator sets latest generation of energy-saving technologies.
ZG Boiler developed vertical sinter cooler waste heat boiler flue gas heat for iron and steel industry, the successful resolution of fouling, wear, leakage and other problems plagued the waste heat boiler, while this type of waste heat boiler for flue gas temperature, flue gas dust has some adaptability. With this type of waste heat boiler, the sintering process can reduce energy consumption, promote energy conservation, reduce product unit price to enable enterprises to more economically competitive, and enhance the ability of enterprises to fulfill their social responsibility of environmental protection.

Sinter Cooler Waste Heat Boiler Features

Cooling equipment to reduce air leakage rate:

sinter cooler Cooling equipment ZG Boiler designs and manufacture uses a closed chamber for sintering cooling, good air tightness so that air leakage rate close to zero.

Cooling equipment gas-solid heat transfer efficiency:

Using reverse heat, sinter from the upper portion of the heat exchanger into the lower discharge; cooling air from the lower portion of the cooler air distribution plate into the upper portion of extraction, thus achieving the reverse heat, so that the efficiency of bulk bed heat exchanger means be greatly enhanced.

Improve the quality of the hot exhaust gas:

Reverse boiler heat exchanger manner that the exhaust gas temperature is stabilized, and comprehensively improve the quality of sintered ore recovered sensible heat, while allowing all of the hot exhaust gas cooler outlet temperature is maintained at a high level of 450-550 ℃, than conventional cooling outlet heat up the exhaust gas temperature is about 150 ℃.

Improve the utilization of waste heat:

Small footprint, can be equipped with advanced detection means for detecting the height of the pre-chamber sinter, hot exhaust gas temperature, exhaust temperature sinter. While the hot exhaust gas flow of feedback regulation, so as to effectively reduce the volatility of the hot exhaust gas temperature, thereby increasing the efficiency of utilization of waste heat. 


Model Capacity(t/h) Pressure(MPa) Steam Temperature(℃) Feed water Temperature(℃) Fuel Factory mode
Q85/380-9.5-2.06/350 9.5 2.06 350 150 sintering machine field assembly
Q240/330-18.3-1.2/210 18.3 1.2 210 150 Exhaust gas waste heat field assembly

Note: Here are some of specifications for your reference,and you can consult us for more details.

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